Financial Literacy

Nurtured Mindset is a non-profit organization that provides financial literacy education programs and tools in efforts to prepare future generations for financial freedom, success, and wealth. Let Nurtured Mindset help change mindsets one step at a time.
“Building Financial Freedom & Wealth” is a program designed to provide minority students ages 14-25 with the knowledge to make informed spending and investment decisions to build wealth while maintaining good financial health. The program duration is 3 months which is compiled of 3 components, 12 – 60 minute lessons. By completion of the program, the student will be able to:
  • Make financial decisions by analytically considering alternatives and consequences
  • Understand the power of saving and how it contributes to financial well-being
  • Understand how investing builds wealth and helps meet financial goals
  • Organize and maximize personal finances and use a budget to manage cash flow
  • Evaluate investment options
  • Understand how to buy and sell investments
  • Implement a diversified investment strategy that aligns with personal goals
  • Maintain wealth, borrow at favorable terms and manage debt
  • Identify the benefits and cost of various types of credit
  • Understand how to reduce tax liability
  • Use applicable and cost effective risk management strategies
  • Understand the importance and purpose and of all types of insurances
  • Explore career paths
  • Find and evaluate financial information from an assortment of sources
  1. Banking & Financing
    Banking & Financing
    • Understanding importance of saving • Maintaining a checking account • Understanding positive/negative aspects of credits cards • Understanding taxes and how taxes can affect wages and spending patterns • Improving awareness of career path options and cost associated with educational programs • Determining when to take a loan and what type of loan is most suitable • Considering all factors when purchasing a home (interest rates, down payments, loan terms) • Determining whether purchasing or leasing is most cost-efficient • Minimizing financial risk through utilizing insurance policies
  2. Entrepreneurship
    • Understanding entrepreneurship vs corporate • Starting and operating a new business venture
  3. Investing
    • Understanding of how investing in bonds can provide secure earnings • Learning the rewards and risk associated with investing in the stock market • Understanding the various types of investments and how to calculate potential returns on investments
  4. Succeeding
    • Making smart investment decisions (how much can afford to risk, which investments pose higher risks) • Interpreting the effects of inflation as it relates to the US economy • Understanding compensation packages and how to calculate the total value of the package • Determining appropriate educational expenses, savings for these expenses, and combining financial aid, student loans, scholarships and work to finance college • Educating on the costs of retirement and various ways to fund retirement
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